This beta version has pages that include figures, their textual context and often, a link to download the full paper in which the figure appeared. Version of 19 March 2004.

The design of each figure page: The "Caption" section includes any caption title that appeared in the original paper. The caption itself is reproduced, sometimes only in part because only part of a multi­part figure is shown. The "Context" section includes excerpts from the original paper which discussed the figure. The "Notes" section consists of comments on the figure and its accompanying text, usually written by "RPF" (Bob Futrelle). Comments elsewhere on the page will also be tagged, usually RPF.

Technical comments: All work was done on a Mac Powerbook G4, "Titanium" w. 1GB of memory, running OS X, 10.2.8. The figures were obtained directly from gifs or jpegs in HTML papers where available. Cropping was done in Photoshop 7.0.1 for Mac OS X. Figures from hardcopy were photographed with a Nikon CoolPix 5700 digital camera, 5.3 Mpx, and cropped, level-adjusted and scaled in Photoshop. PDFs were obtained directly from the referenced journals. When PDFs were not available, HTML pages were saved with all linked images and styles, or printed to PDF if reasonable output could be produced. When no electronic form of the document was available, e.g., for books, small amounts of text were scanned with an IRISPen to the IRISPen Express OCR system, version 4.8, Build C.

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